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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

1.5 BBL Brewery Details

I'll try to detail the specifics of the brewery here. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

The brewery consists of:
  • approximately 62 gallon boil kettle
  • 55 gallon Blichmann BoilerMaker kettle with false bottom Mash Tun
  • approximately 55 gallon Hot Liquor Tank
all on a single level frame that measures 7' w x 20" d x 16" h. This puts the kettles at a perfect standing height. The only time a step stool is needed is when you are cleaning out the kettle.

Underneath the boil kettle and mash tun is a 100K natural gas burner. Underneath the hot liquor tank is a 160K natural gas burner. Each burner has its own solenoid valve and gas ball valve for controlling the gas feed.

The brewing process is managed by a BCS-460.

The fermenters are 60 gallon cone bottom poly tanks that are temperature controlled via a glycol bath stored in a chest freezer and pumped through a stainless steel coil inside the fermenter. Temps are controlled by an external Johnson A419 thermostat (though that may be moved to the BCS-460)

More pictures will be posted one of these days.


Boyd said...

How much did you spend?

Brian said...

I pieced this together over a few years and migrated stuff from my previous ten gallon all grain system, so I don't have a hard $ to give. That, and I'm a little scared to add it all up.

scottxwood said...

Your website is the single most informative and helpful site I've found in months and I wish I had found it months ago despite the fact that I've learned so much through trial and error and exhaustive research. What I'm trying to say here is THANK YOU. A price breakdown would be interesting but is unnecessary considering all of the links and easily found materials. Thanks again, really. If you're ever in New Orleans, beer is on me.

Brian said...

Thank you for the kind comments Scott. Glad it helps.